My name is Cristina, I entered the world of miniatures in 1997 as an hobbyist.
Since then I tried my hand at making every kind of miniature, from the furniture to the various accessories but the field that I loved more was the food.
Being Italian I started making Italian food (that I know very well in “real size”), something not very popular in miniature even if the Italian cuisine is well known also outside Italy.
I showed my food on my website and to people met in the specialized shops and fairs and I was asked many times if I made miniatures for sale, so in January 2002 I opened my business.

I achieved the IGMA Fellow status in April 2006

From the beginning of 2009 beside food I make OOAK or limited edition miniature mosaics and micromosaics jewelry.

At the moment you can find my miniature in my Etsy shop and at major dollhouse shows in the world.

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